Theater on Ice

Ice Diamonds Theater on Ice!

The Ice Diamond team will be competing an entertaining, light hearted, fun, routine to Alice in Wonderland for the 2019 competitive season.


Meet the Cast:

~ Alice played by Alice Fousek

~ Queen of Hearts played by Nicole Brye

~ King of Hearts played by Broderick Cotter

~ White Rabbit played by Alexia Ayala

~ Cheshire Cat played by Isabella Varela

~ Mad Hatter played by Kyra Cantu

~ Fun Sized Alice and Ace of Clubs played by Kinley Toyne

~ Baby Alice and the candle stick played by Grace Toyne

~ Caterpillar played by Mia Miller

~ Bill the Lizard and 3 of Clubs played by Ava Weismiller

~ Tweedle Dee played by Jayden Marbry

~ Tweedle Dum played by Brooke Crotinger

~ March Hare played by Makenzie Cotter

~ Dormouse played by Vienna Rice

~ The Nanny played by Nicole Byers

~ Red Rose and 5 of Diamonds played by Itzel Quintero


Interested in competing with this dynamic team in the 2020 season? Email connie@coachconnienicole.com to see the teams next performance.


2018 Theater on Ice Teams, Pirates of the Carribean


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